April 25, 2013

How to Get a Free Forex Trading Capital of MT5 Forum

You want a free forex trading $ 100 - $ 500 without capital? Want to get a free forex capital $ 100 - $ 500 even more? Here tutorial to get it easily. But although it is easy, had to wait about a month so you can use this free capital, because the bonus will accumulate. For example, you sign up now, then the bonus will come in early next month. Keep in mind, this time I also use the free capital in forex trading. So there is no risk that I bet in the forex investment. Although this is a free unlimited amounts of capital, but you have to work too Posting / Writing in the forums! It's easy is not it? So later your duty is to write in the forum, is active on the forums, ask questions, answer questions, read tips forex strategy at the forum. While gaining knowledge, stance, good forex strategy, you can also get a free capital

How to be Forex No Deposit Bonus

Since this is the writing on the forum, so the first thing to get forex bonus no deposit are registering in the forum.

The first step forum please register here Click the register button in the top right corner on the forum.

Click register in the upper right corner Fill in all fields with the correct registration, do not forget to check the referrer, referrer is "airabotoh" to appreciate the information from me.

Fill in all fields and do not forget to fill in your email address correctly. Then check writing "I Agree" below and click the register button below the column forum rules. The first step is completed, stay two steps! How to Get a Free Capital $ 100 - $ 500 for Trading Forex from Indo MT5 Forum.

To enjoy this free capital, you also have to register an account at Instaforex forex. The forum in collaboration with Instaforex, so later you can use the forex capital to trading on Instaforex only. But this time there should be no affiliate code, and therefore before enrolling in Instaforex, you have to clear your browser cookies by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del on your computer and then go to the column Instaforex.com registration.

How to register the same as registered earlier forum, click the Agreement, continue to browse the data themselves based on ID / SIM, enter your email address, fill in the information about your account and more. The following screenshot:

Register an account at Instaforex centYou may choose the standard account / cent account there. Difference between the standard account and cent account is the standard account that you fund USD100 suppose that appear in Metatrader4 ya later for $ 100. If the account Cent would be approximately 10,000, which is $ 10,000 cent (remember, 1 dollar equals 100 cents). If it is completed enrollment in Instaforex, do not forget to record all the information for login and please come back to the forum. 

Note: Affiliate Code fill in the words: "indoforum" (without the quotation marks). Many who complain because now they can not attach a live trading account with a forum account.

How to Connect (Attach) bonus forum account with Instaforex account

Now it is time to login to the forum. Forums login button at the top right side. Well, after logging in, please click on My Profile at the top of the forum.

profil forum Cara Mendapatkan Modal Gratis $500 untuk Trading Forex dari Forum Indo MT5 

Click the 'My Profile'

After click My Profile, a menu will appear. Select the 'Bonus Per Post' as shown below :

Click the 'Attach Account'

Well from there please enter your Account Number and its password was from Instaforex. If successful, there will be instructions as below :

Well, now lives in a forum posting as much as possible. Later at the beginning of next month around the 7th, forex bonus post you will be automatically transferred to a real forex account Instaforex.com. So do not be lazy to hang out in the forums, answering questions without jamming or spamming junk.

Tips forex no deposit bonus

Suppose this month 15 posts per day, 15 x 30 x $ 0.2 = $ 90. After 8 months: $ 90 x 8 = $ 720. Quite right for a free forex account? Learn forex trading while enjoying the results. Not with a demo account that less educated trading psychology, but with real account trading psychology which can train properly. use your own risk! Remember, do not post at all important, spamming, junk, double post, or other. Which is fairly important post, if anyone asks kindly answered, if once you reply to any questions, please ask again what is not understood there.

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